Our services

Cyber Intelligence focuses on providing cybersecurity and data recovery services, in conjunction with specific training courses to help you develop the required skills to become a hacker.


High quality education from experienced professionals

Ranging from entry level courses to advanced sessions, our trainings teach solid skills in order to tackle complex real-world problems. Combining lectures and hands-on work, our experts provide their trainees with the required technological edge to focus on problem solving, improving their overall aptitudes and preparing them for real-life scenarios.

Security audits

Keeping your company on edge

At Cyber Intelligence we believe it is crucial for companies to test their critical infrastructure against state-of-the-art techniques and technology. We offer our clients the capability of testing and checking their IT systems against our experts to help them discover hidden weaknesses and overlooked gaps in security. Our security audit services provide penetration testing but also extensive data collection and critical system and network configuration checking. Thanks to our team of professionals your company will be more than ready to tackle real-life threats.

Data recovery

Retrieve lost data from inoperative memory cards

Even if an SD card seems completely dead, there is a possibility that its data may still be intact. Combining careful handling and detailed in-house techniques, we are able to recover lost data from most memory cards in a timely fashion.